"Time spent with cats is never wasted."                                                           May Sarton  

The Compleat Cat

Exceptional Cat Sitting for Extraordinary Cats

Joanne Van Stone



Why Is A Cat Sitter Special?

Because we're cat lovers, that's why

Cats and dogs have very different needs!

We patiently sit on the floor coaxing kitty to come out for a visit

- Kitty is safest at home

- ​​No stress on you or your feline companion

- Avoid scary boarding situations

- Remain in a comfy home environment

- Take cat naps in the most favorite places

- Enjoy sunny windows with birds to watch by day

- Spy on tempting, tiny outside critters by night

- Feel secure with familiar smells and sounds

- Keep a tummy full of familiar food served on the usual placemat

- Chase the LASER LIGHT!

- Brushing or a wonderful scratch under the chin

- A warm lap in which to curl up

- Cat lovers know just how to get kitty to take that pill

- Nice, clean litter boxes

- Regular check-ins via phone, email or text... including pictures


Your time away from home will be more relaxing knowing that kitty is

being watched over with attentive and loving care